Introducing my associate wedding program! Everyone deserves beautiful photos and a photographer who is just as excited and invested in their wedding day as they are. This is a staple of the Nicole Aston Photography wedding experience, one I want to give to all! Over the past few years, I’ve had to sadly turn away so many inquiring couples because I’m already booked on their wedding day. As a destination wedding photographer, I’m often unavailable for the special nature of Utah weddings due to my calendar and traveling. I created the Nicole Aston Associate Wedding Photographer program for you- to be able serve more local Utah couples the Nicole Aston wedding experience! 

“The BEST Photography Team.

We absolutely loved having Nicole and Robyn take our engagements, bridals, and wedding pictures. Our pictures are an absolute dream and we will treasure them forever. We receive compliments on our wedding pictures all the time and I feel so blessed to have found this dream team for our wedding! On top of that, my husband hates having his pictures taken and often feels very uncomfortable, but they made him feel at ease and he even enjoyed it!?! That’s straight MAGIC.” -Natalie & Braeden

Nicole Aston Associate Wedding Photographer Program

Nicole Aston Associate Wedding Photographer Program

What does it mean to have an associate photographer? 

If you’ve never heard of an ‘associate photographer’, you’re not alone! An Associate Photographer is someone who photographs an event on behalf of another photographer, matching the style, approach, posing, and personality of that main photographer. My associates have trained with me for over 3 years to be able to photograph weddings and sessions just as I would!

In place of me (Nicole), an associate photographer will photograph your wedding! I still take care of all the editing, so all the images match my style and work. The majority of wedding communication is still done with me too. To put it simply, it’s getting the full Nicole Aston Photography experience, at a fraction of the cost just with someone else behind the camera. 

First, working with an associate photographer is only available to local Utah weddings. There are a few scenarios where I might recommend a Nicole Aston Associate Photographer. If I’m unavailable for your wedding date, then I’ll recommend my associate. Secondly, if you need an option that better fits your budget, then I’ll recommend my associate too! Lastly, if you are having an LDS wedding, you will be working with an associate photographer! Read on to see how my associates are LDS wedding experts.

Nicole Aston Associate Wedding Photographer Program

Utah LDS Wedding Experts

Our associate team photographs all the LDS weddings here at Nicole Aston Photography! We are experts in helping you have the LDS wedding day of your dreams! We offer packages designed to accommodate the unique and special temple sealing days. The Nicole Aston team is fully knowledgeable on navigating the crowds, locations, and exits of each unique LDS temple. We even come prepared with behind-the-scenes knowledge to help your temple wedding photos flow flawlessly and turn out stunning!

LDS Temple Wedding Exit

Who are your associates? How are they trained? 

My associate photographers have photographed weddings with me for years and are trained by myself to capture your wedding day just as I would-even down to personality and posing! These are photographers who I fully trust to take care of you on your wedding day and to represent the Nicole Aston Photo experience! 

Nicole Aston Associate Wedding Photographer Program

Engagement & Bridal Session Bundles

Wedding collections include photos at the temple after your exit and up to 4, 6, or 8 hours of reception coverage! You can bundle in engagement and bridal sessions captured either by me or by your associate photographer. I highly recommend booking an engagement session and bridals because it’s a way to document your love outside of the wedding day. Plus, you get to experience what it’s like to be in front of the camera before your wedding photos! We’ll go to a dreamy location in Utah during a time of day with the best lighting to capture engagements of you two.

Benefits of a Bridal Session

Due to the nature of LDS weddings, it’s common for couples to book a bridal session. LDS couples will have their first look in their regular wedding attire before the wedding date! Regardless if you are having an LDS wedding or not, a bridal session is offered to all couples because it’s like having an insurance policy on getting the best wedding photos possible! On your wedding day there are a lot of things out of everyone’s control like the weather and even the timeline. A bridal session guarantees you and your partner will get photos in your wedding attire in a gorgeous spot in Utah with the best lighting possible!  This is a chance for you to further experience working with me or get to know your wedding associate before the big day!

Payson LDS temple Wedding Photos

Before Wedding Prep

Prior to your wedding day, I’ll send you a questionnaire to gather all the details needed about your day. Then we’ll hop on a FaceTime call with myself and your associate photographer. You’ll be able to meet them, review your wedding day timeline, and ask any questions! You go into your wedding day knowing everything will be captured and taken care of!

Day of the Wedding

On the day of your wedding, your photographer will arrive wherever you are starting getting ready photos and will be with you throughout the day into your reception! In the case of an LDS wedding, your photographer will arrive early and will be waiting outside the temple for your exit. Being LDS wedding photographer experts, your time with your associate photographer will not begin until you exit the temple doors. No need to rush! Take your time and enjoy the peace and serenity of your temple sealing with your loved ones!  


During your reception, your photographer will be like a fly on the wall. They’ll be there to capture you interacting with guests and simply celebrating your marriage! All associates have been trained one-on-one in the Nicole Aston reception lighting experience. Your photographer will know how to to perfectly illuminate and capture your reception in a way that perfectly aligns with the incredible flash work that I’m known for!

Editing the Final Gallery

After the wedding day, all the photos are sent to me (Nicole) for editing! Each photo is edited with my presets and style, so they are seamless with my style and portfolio. Once your full wedding gallery is ready, it’s delivered via an online gallery. With the online gallery, you are able to easily download your wedding photos to any device and can share them with all your family and friends!

Nicole Aston Associate Wedding Photographer Program

Book a Nicole Aston Associate Photographer

Get in touch via my contact form about the details of your Utah wedding and we’ll decide if an associate is the right fit for you and your wedding day! 

And that’s the scoop on the Nicole Aston Associate Experience!



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