While I can usually be found spending my weekends on planes and in airports, traveling to all my couples and their amazing wedding days, it’s equally as thrilling to have my couples come to me here in Utah! It’s no secret that Utah has the ultimate plethora of amazing location options, and it’s that knowledge that inspired Sun Yang and Wen Qiang to travel to Salt Lake City all the way from Singapore for their pre-wedding session!

A pre-wedding session is a popular option amongst many Asian cultures and couples, as well as amongst couples here in Utah (we call them bridals locally)! It’s a chance for couples to get amazing photographs in their wedding clothing before the actual wedding day, and in an absolutely unreal place. Sun Yang and Wen Qiang wanted to have an adventurous pre-wedding session, and it was SO fun to show this amazing Singaporean couple around some of my favorite places in Utah.

To capture their vision, we shot across three different locations in two days, and featuring three amazing wedding gowns and outfits!! These two really know how to pre-wedding. The first session had us in the snowy high mountains of Salt Lake City. Up Big Cottonwood Canyon (and decked in gown #1), we found ourselves exploring feet of snow and frosted pines- and their first time ever seeing snow in person! We then finished in a beautiful grassy field to show off the mountains for their photos.

Pre-wedding/bridals sessions are THE BEST. Scroll on to see the magic from Day One with Sun Yang and Wen Qiang!!

Click Here for Day Two with Sun Yang + Wen Qiang in Moab, UT!

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