I love traveling (who doesn’t?). And traveling to photograph beautiful weddings and awesome people in love? The best. To put it simply, I want to travel to your wedding. Just shoot me a message about the when and the where and we’ll chat!  Even if you aren’t getting married and see that I’m going to be in your area, please message me- I am available for shoots and mentoring while there!


January: Los Angeles, CA

Joshua Tree, CA

February: Joshua Tree, CA

March: Seattle, WA

Malibu, CA

Joshua Tree, CA

April: Philadelphia, PA

Palm Springs, CA

May: Palisade, CO

June: New York City, NY

Doolin, Ireland

Jackson Hole, WY

Crested Butte, CO

Rapid City, SD

July: Jackson Hole, WY

August: Denver, CO

September: Iowa City, IA

October: Orgon, France



February: Orlando, FL

March: Orlando, FL

June: Chicago, IL

Somerset, VA

September: Jackson Hole, WY