My heart is so full as I write this that I feel like it could burst! Rachel and Matt’s wedding was such an absolute dream to be a part of, I still can’t believe it’s real! From the get-go, these two had my heart: their incredible love for each other as well as their amazing enthusiasm for their photographs and wedding day plans had me obsessed with them from day one (seriously, I will be making a scrapbook of all of Rachel’s emails and texts- never have I met a kinder human in the world!!). Their intimate wedding was everything a wedding should be about- nothing but their love for each other! Even better, their insanely adorable dog, Greyson, was a major part in the whole wedding! An intimate, cliffside wedding with a dog?!? I was in heaven. Just wait till you see this puppers, you guys. He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on!

From the beginning, Rachel and Matt lead with the heart: skipping the flowers, cake, and other typical wedding traditions, they decided to elope with just a few close family members and friends down in Torrey, Utah at Capitol Reef National Park, where they had both spent a lot of time growing up and go frequently to camp! Camping ended up playing a roll in their wedding day- Matt and some of his groomsmen camped overnight at their wedding ceremony site, an amazing cliffside overlooking Capitol Reef!

The ceremony was set for a little after sunrise to avoid the intense southern Utah heat, so we all started our day in the darkness before the sun rose in the sky. Rachel and I met up and drove out to the camp/ceremony site for her and Matt’s first look. We spent an amazing hour together as the sun rose taking bridals with them and Greyson before their ceremony. Their love for each other and their joy of getting married was so tangible that I basically just stood there and snapped the shutter, they were so perfect together! After their first look bridals (and a quick coffee break!) we all headed down to the cliffside where they would say their vows and be married by one of their best friends. Their vows for each other were so perfect and the emotions were so beautiful that I could barely see out of my viewfinder, my eyes kept tearing up so much!

After the perfect ceremony, we all headed back to their friend’s grandmother’s home to get comfy and make breakfast together! Bacon, hashbrowns, and bloody mary’s made the perfect menu and we all sat around laughing and joking together while eating the best breakfast food I’ve ever had. I loved working with Rachel and Matt and their families so much- they all had me feeling so loved and like one of the family. Their wedding day is one to remember and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do! xx


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