I’m so excited to be blogging this session because it’s one of my very favorites ever! Katina and Brandon approached me to do an anniversary session with them to celebrate a year of being married. Anniversary sessions are some of my favorites so naturally I jumped all over that! I’ve known Katina since high school and not only is she the nicest human, she’s also an incredible makeup artist (see her work here!). I’ve been so lucky to work with her for quite a few shoots and weddings, so I was really excited to have her and her awesome husband in front of the camera this time around!

Katina and Brandon had the greatest idea for their session- they wanted to document themselves in their city downtown, where they often go for a date night. I absolutely love photographing couples in their native environments- I love the intimacy that home brings to the session for the couple, and I can never get enough of seeing couples do life together in places they love. I basically died of happiness when they laid out their date night session to me, which included wandering around the streets of downtown Provo, getting ice cream, and finishing out at their favorite restaurant- Taco Bell. I seriously almost passed away when they asked if they could get pictures at Taco Bell, I was so happy. Anyone else have a dream of shooting in Taco Bell?? Just me?? Alright.

We did the wandering, got the ice cream, and headed to Taco Bell for burritos- only to have a store employee tell me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the restaurant. Refusing to be stopped, I instead sat Katina and Brandon by the window and planted myself in the currently empty drive through lane and creeped around taking pictures while they ate their meal. Goal accomplished.

I had so much fun on this date night with these two and I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do! xx


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