Hi there! If you're reading this, I love you. I'm so happy we got to work together and even more grateful that you chose me to document such a special time for you. I would love for you to leave a testimonial below so I can learn what your experience was like, and let other brides in on what it's like to work together! I hope you enjoyed working with me as much as I loved working with you, and I hope to create more memories with you in the future!   xx Nicole   [flo_form id='1914']     TESTIMONIALS "I fully believe that Nicole is the best photographer out there. Not only is she insanely talented, but she GENUINELY cares for her clients. I used another photographer for my engagement session and it was so impersonal and I just felt like a paycheck. With Nicole, it was completely different. Her personality is so loveable and she makes you feel valued. She takes extra care with each individual photograph. Her communication skills are also amazing. She made the group photos a breeze, and the individual couple photos so much fun! She will have every little detail and concern covered on your special day! Our family and friends still rave not only about our photos, but also our photographer. I’m so grateful to Nicole for the experience that we had and the beautiful photos we get to keep forever." -Madeline + Logan "We get to relive our favorite and perfect day EVERY DAY thanks to you! Endless thank you to Nicole for so perfectly capturing these moments with family. Our whole crew loves Nicole- they honestly can't stop talking about her! If you are looking for a wedding photographer, definitely consider Nicole. But only if you want to have the best time and memories to last a lifetime!" -Megan & Andrew "We cannot say enough good things about Nicole!! From the very first moment we met her we knew she was an amazing fit for our wedding, and she far surpassed our expectations! We got married in the middle of nowhere outside Capitol Reef National Park, and had a bit of a challenge even finding a photographer willing to travel down there and snap a few quick pictures of just our ceremony. Nicole on the other hand was all in from the moment we mentioned it!! She was so communicative throughout all of the planning. If I emailed Nicole about ANYTHING, I would have a response from her within days. All of her interest and care for our wedding made us feel like we were the only couple she was working with, she was that helpful! And the pictures. Oh my god, the pictures!! We got photos back from her and I burst out crying with happiness. Nicole\'s photos are the loveliest, most intimate photos of any wedding photographer I\'ve ever seen. We took bridals for about an hour before our ceremony actually started, and there were so many pictures where we didn\'t even realize she was in the middle of capturing that moment. Nothing about Nicole is staged or uncomfortably formal; she made us feel totally at ease even when it was just the two of us and her. She captured all the small moments, and those especially are the photos we will cherish forever. She made us feel like we had a dear friend at our wedding, who just happened to be taking exceptional photos while she was there." -Rachel & Matt "Working with Nicole was a dream, and not just because we have the same name! From the moment we met with Nicole we knew she was the one to capture all of the special moments of our wedding. She had the best sense of humor and was so playful that it made standing on the cliffside in Moab in the freezing cold bearable. She was very professional and I loved the whole booking process where she really wanted to get to know us and what we wanted. Our pictures turned out beautiful. It has been over a year and I still look through our pictures almost every day. My one piece of advice would be to run and not walk to book Nicole as your photographer. I hope I get the chance to work with her again in the future." -Nicole & Marco "Nicole- as the father of the bride, I want to thank you for the beautiful and artful way you captured the joy of Marisa and Taven's wedding day, reception, and celebration. It's been so fun reliving the day through your photography. You are a gifted artist and we feel lucky you were our photographer." -Parson Family "I’ve seriously never been more stressed than I was trying to find/pick a wedding photographer. I wanted so badly to have pictures that I treasured for years to come. I was TERRIFIED of spending my life savings on a photographer only to hate every single picture and feel awkward about my experience haha. I have not stopped raving about Nicole and our experiences with her. My husband actually had fun taking pictures and that’s a first for him. She made us feel comfortable and told us we were models the whole time. Our wedding day went far from seamless but I can’t remember the mishaps anymore! All I see is flawless photos and the happy day that it was and I am SO SO grateful for that." -Quinntana + Hunter "Nicole! You are just the BEST!!! Your talent, energy, and overall aewsomeness shines through in your work and can't help but draw people to you! We LOVE THESE ALL SO MUCH!!!! We just went through them all and we are DEAD. Thank you thank you thank you!" -Chelsea + Connor "Nicole was the best photographer we could have ever asked for! First we loved that she was affordable and not way out of our budget and for someone who didn't have a huge budget but wanted to make sure our wedding was perfectly documented and get great photos out of it Nicole made that dream come true!! Before I got married I had been to a bunch of weddings the summer before. My friends and family who got married had things to complain about and wished certain things had been different for their special days. Many of their complaints were about their photographers, whether that be the attitude of the photographer, the complacency of the photographer, the weird poses the photographer insisted on, not getting the pictures with people they really wanted to, or the weird editing style of the photographer. I was terrified about who I would choose because pictures are SO important at a wedding. Nicole exceeded our expectations and honestly she went way above and beyond what she was being paid to do. She had us fill out an information sheet about who we wanted pictures with and of, any uncomfortable situations our family may have (divorce or family issues), and this made our day go so smoothly. It was great because as the bride I was so distracted with happiness and talking to people, how was I supposed to remember everything I wanted in those moments? Nicole had it all memorized and made sure everything I wanted got done, (she even remembered all my family members names...what?! like seriously?! Thats amazing!) this was amazing and I really appreciated her assertive "get things done attitude." This assertiveness is the most common compliment I received from my wedding party about Nicole, they loved that they weren't standing around and that she systematically went through the groups so people could leave. This made the day enjoyable for everyone. I could go on and on about how much I loved and enjoyed being photographed by Nicole! The last things I want to mention are her ability to create a relationship with us and her natural desire for not only the pictures to be amazing but also for us to have a great day. She made it really easy to connect with her because one, she met us on our level and two, she has great communication skills. By meeting us at our level I mean that she never made us do any poses we felt uncomfortable or awkward in or that we felt weren't our style, as well as she worked with us as individuals. We could feel that she was working for us and that she doesn't just work with each client exactly the same but she works with them the way they need and want. This to me is an amazing skill to have as a photographer and have yet to see it in the photographers at other weddings of friends that I know. She was prompt in getting back by email, open to texting, and phone calls to figure everything out, she was able to communicate all her information to us and I appreciated that she never wasted our time. I loved feeling like I was being photographed by a nonjudgemental friend who just wanted me to be happy! Lastly, Nicole helped at our reception more than she was hired to do, by this I mean, she helped me keep on task and made sure we didn't run behind or miss out on anything. This made it relaxing for me and for my family, my mom never had to worry about what was going on but got to enjoy talking to people and watching the festivities. She went above and beyond and worked so hard. So if you ask me she's pretty much the dream photographer for any couple! She's a hot commodity so get her while you can people!! Also did I mention I LOVE HER??" -Savannah & Brady "Cheers to THE most bada$$ photographer to capture the best moments!! HIRE THIS WOMAN FOR EVERYTHING! Wedding, babies, furbabies, milestones... just do it. Our pictures are beyond perfect and we love them SO MUCH. We love you Nicole!! THANK YOU!!" -Sasha & Picco "Nicole- this is Lisa, Ashley's mom. I just wanted to thank you for making Ashley and Roki feel so special. It has been a crazy ride for them and they made it! The pictures are so stunning. Seriously you are loved by this mom!!" -Tronson Family "It's amazing- you can actually see how much I love him in the photos. Thank you so so much again. They are perfect" -Nichole & Brent "Nicole, we keep going through these over and over trying to pick out our favorites and we just can't. We keep choosing every. single. one. We're not worthy. We will treasure these pictures for the rest of our lives. Thank you for making us comfortable and also for making us look way cooler than we actually are! We love you and can't wait to work with you again!!!!" -Elisabeth & Benjamin "Nicole Aston, aka Photography Goddess. Just a warning, this is going to be a gush-fest. From the beginning, Nicole was such a freaking sweetheart to work with!! We began by emailing back and forth a few times to answer some basic questions, she sent a really lovely pricing guide that also had information about her and her work, and then we had a consultation over Skype to nail down all the details. The day we met for our bridals at The Great Saltair she was a dream! Helping me get into my dress, pin my veil on, helping carry my massive dress while I climbed down a bunch of rocks barefoot, honestly I was kind of a mess that day but she was on point 100%. My biggest concerns before were just how the heck am I supposed to be natural and in love and all touchy-feely with someone third-wheeling with a camera shoved in your face. I was also concerned about my husbands level of comfort during the session - being photographed is one of his least favorite things on the planet. Nicole's ability to overcome all of those worries are one of the main reasons I have officially named her "Photography Goddess." Right from the beginning she told us to be ourselves and basically gave us permission to just make out, grab ass, do whatever we would do if she wasn't there. She was bubbly, laughing, joking around with us, basically just being the best freaking hype man you could want! It is so easy to feel the level of passion and love that she has for her work! With Nicole's help, were able to relax very quickly and it was amazing to just be able to spend a couple hours focusing on each other. Getting the pictures back literally made my husband and I speechless. They were incredible!! The quality of work that Nicole does is just amazing. Absolutely amazing. They were intimate and as cheesy as it sounds, they really captured the love we have for each other. I absolutely adore Nicole and I would recommend her to anyone considering her in a heartbeat!!!" -Emma & Justin "I can't believe these photos. I seriously am ASTOUNDED AND ENAMORED by them. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. You are unbelievably talented." -Rachel + Felix "Having Nicole as my wedding photographer was such a blessing! Nicole was a joy to work with from the start. The time and effort and communication that went into my engagements, formals, and wedding day was incredible. Every photo turned out beautifully. Having those photos from our wedding day is especially special to me. Looking at them, I don’t see the stressful moments that may have arose, but just us. The memories are priceless. Nicole was so much more than a wedding photographer. She almost seemed like a wedding planner as well. She kept my day running smoothly and made sure that we got every photo we wanted and more. She even found time to help with set up before the reception. She listened to me along the way and made what I wanted her priority. Nicole did a beautiful job taking our photos. She’s organized and present. She’s bubbly and fun. Nicole didn’t treat us as customers, but as friends." -Madison & James "NICOLE! I just wanted to let you know that Chris and I just went through our NYC engagement pictures and I'm crying. These are AMAZING. I am so in love with them. You're the absolute best! Thank you so much!!!" -Jessica & Chris "You COMPLETELY exceeded our expectations for our Salt Lake bridals! I can't stop staring at them! You are magic and wonderful and I'm SO glad you were able to do them for us!!!!" -Jessica & Dallin "We literally ran to our computer when we got your email! AMAAAAAAAAZING. We love them so much! You perfectly captured our goofy relationship and gave us pictures that we will cherish forever and put all over our house. We both loved our session with you, you made it so enjoyable! Thank you thank you! We love you!" -Rachel & Kjiersten "If I could go back in time and choose my wedding photographer all over again, it would be Nicole every time! That choice was always something I thought a lot about when planning my wedding--it was number 1 on my list. I wanted more than anything to love my photographer. Nicole captured the wedding and all the details so perfectly. Not only that, she had a very thorough consultation with my husband and I before the wedding day to ensure she focused on the aspects that were the most important to us. I was so grateful for that because I felt SO at ease on the wedding day knowing that I wouldn\'t have to worry about the photographer capturing everything. Another aspect I loved is that Nicole is such a good people person--with the couple, the crowds, and your family. She helped my husband and I feel comfortable around her even though we are not comfortable around a camera, she handled my crazy big family so well and so quickly, and she even helped move the reception along to make sure we were on track with timing. Nicole is a fantastic photographer who gives BEAUTIFUL results and STUNNING photographs of your most important day. I'd recommend her to everyone and anyone, 100% of the time!" -Baylee & Zach "First of all... Nicole I seriously love you! You are amazing ! Working with you was the best thing I’ve ever done and you were the best photographer I could have chosen for my wedding ! You made it a dream come true. My pictures are something I will treasure forever and I cannot wait to do fun shoots with you in the future! I seriously look forward to it and try and find excuses for us to go take pics. Nicole is the best photographer you could pick! She makes all your wedding picture dreams come true . On top of that she is one of the sweetest most real people I have ever met ! She does not make you feel awkward at all but she does make sure your having fun while posing for pics! She will become your best friend and like me you will probably look for excuses to need to take pics with your man just so you can have more amazing pictures by her. Your amazing Nicole love you girl can’t wait for next pics !" -Cami & Joseph "I cannot gush enough about Nicole! She is a babe of a human and an all-around amazing friend. We had the most incredible time working with her and I would get married 1,000 times over just to have her document it! (Good thing I don't have to!) Watching her creative vision come out during a shoot is really something. Not only is she professional and talented but is super fun, and she makes you feel amazing the whole time she photographs you! Our friends and family also complimented us on our choice to have her capture our wedding. I cannot recommend her enough!" -Sarai & Joseph "Hello Nicole! We absolutely LOVED working with you! You were so fun and caring, you made us feel right at home during all of our sessions! We also really appreciated how you and Sadie kept checking in during our reception to hand us water, see how we were doing, and keep us on track time-wise. Every time you sent us an email with the link to our pictures, it felt like Christmas morning! Everything was perfect. I only have one complaint, and that complaint is that we didn't take all the pictures that we wanted due to the timeline getting cut short with the ceremony getting delayed and the bad weather. My one regret is that I won't have those pictures and can't go back to get them since our wedding only happens once. Thank you for all of your work and for helping to make our day, and the days leading up to it, the beautiful day that it was! Sincerely, Megan" -Megan & Peter "Nicole was amazing! One thing I really loved was when she met with us before the wedding to get to know us better and figure it exactly what we wanted for our special day. On the actual day so was such a sweetheart and made sure we were able to get all of the photos we wanted. I absolutely love her work and love her to pieces! Thank you, Nicole, for helping us document our wedding day!" -Savannah & Jaron