This Moab adventure elopement was BANANAS IN EVERY WAY, in the best way! Kelsey & Kyle got married at a spot they’ve spent years camping deep in Moab’s BLM lands. Everyone had to off-road to a set of coordinates leading them to an otherworldly cliff location above the green river. Kelsey and Kyle’s elopement was the full embodiment of “YOUR DAY. YOUR WAY.”

Elopement Photos in Moab

Moab Adventure Elopement 

Their wedding day involved all of their favorite things: their favorite spot, jeep off-roading, their dogs, and their favorite people. They started off their desert-hot June wedding day by getting ready outside of their jeep. Using a handheld mirror and the reflection of the windows, they got dressed and into their wedding attire. Kelsey slipped into a tent to put on her dress out of sight of Kyle. Their family was there to help them with finishing touches like Kyle’s boutonniere and lacing Kelsey up into her dress. Their two heelers were the flower girl (complete with a flower collar from Manna Floral Designs!) and the best man. 

Moab Adventure Elopement First Look

For their first look, Kyle was set up looking out across beautiful red rock canyons. Next, we took advantage of the gorgeous lighting and took photos in front of the canyon and in the winding rocks. All while their pups wandered along with us! 

Utah Elopement in Moab

They set up their ceremony along the cliff that is significant to Kelsey and Kyle. Kelsey has a tattoo of this spot on her forearm. It’s where they got engaged and is now where they exchanged wedding vows. During their ceremony, family members read a letter or gave a toast to the couple. Everyone was in tears for most of the ceremony, but there was a lot of laughter too. The emotions and love family members have for Kelsey and Kyle was deeply felt by everyone there. It was overwhelming in the absolute best way. As the sun disappeared, they said their vows to one another and exchanged rings. I guarantee their ceremony photos will bring tears to your eyes!

Moab Adventure Elopement

They gathered around a campfire to celebrate the night away and had one of the most intense cake smashes I’ve seen! They were relentless and determined to smash cake in each other’s faces! When I headed out for the night, their family literally sent me off with a round of applause (like WHAT?! That doesn’t happen!). Kelsey & Kyle’s day could not have been more perfect or more THEM! Being a part of this Moab adventure elopement was the world’s greatest privilege! 

If you need inspiration, to plan a wedding day your way then this Moab elopement is it!

Elopement Campfire Photos

How to Plan an Adventure Elopement  

Planning an adventure elopement sounds like an amazing idea to so many couples, but sometimes an elopement can end up being harder to plan than a traditional wedding! You have more flexibility with dates and location options are unlimited. Where do you even begin?! Here are a few tips for planning your adventurous elopement!

Narrow down your locations

First, you need to narrow down your location options. For Kelsey and Kyle, this spot in Moab was a place they’d been going to for years. It was special to them! If you have a general area in mind, your elopement photographer can help you nail down the specifics. 

Here are a few questions to ask when thinking of your elopement location:

  • Is there a beautiful location that is significant to you and your partner? 
  • Is there a location or landscape you’ve been dreaming of experiencing together? 
  • How far are you willing to travel? Are you looking into locations a few hours from home or will you have to arrange flights?

Elopement in Moab with Dogs

Decide on the date or time of year

When planning a traditional wedding, you’re often limited on dates due to the venue’s availability. With an elopement, you can elope any time! When trying to decide on a date, consider eloping on a weekday. There will be fewer crowds and people. Plus, photographers typically will have more weekday availability. 

Next, it’s important to consider what the weather is like at certain locations. 

  • When is the best time of year for weather at this location?
  • What season are we dreaming of eloping in? Warm, summer vibes or a crisp fall day?

If you have an elopement photographer in mind, even consider reaching out to them for help planning! They can help you think through your locations and give their insight on the best time of year to plan for! 

Moab Elopement Photographer 

As a Utah based photographer, Moab is one of my absolute favorite places to photograph at! If you’re considering eloping in Moab, I would love to chat with you about planning the perfect day! Get in touch with me through my contact form!

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Moab BLM Land

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