Every year, Thanksgiving Point hosts their annual Tulip Festival in their Ashton Gardens and it’s one of the best events of springtime here in Utah! The gardens are wildly stunning year round, but they’re at their best + most colorful during the Tulip Festival. Lindsay and Austin selected this perfect place as the backdrop for their engagement session, and I couldn’t be more obsessed!!

Reminiscent of the tulip fields in Amsterdam, we walked among the blooms at Thanksgiving Point, stopping and shooting in the flowers and blossoming trees in the gardens. The sheer variety of the tulip’s colors and patterns blew me away! Spring is my favorite season, and this session is the epitome of springtime- so its safe to say that it’s a forever favorite of mine. Lindsay + Austin couldn’t have been more beautiful or fun, and we had way too much fun walking around the garden together. And can we believe Lindsay’s unreal engagement ring?!

Thanksgiving Point requires a permit + an appointment to take photos. Be sure to be respectful of the people joining you at Thanksgiving Point and the flowers, of course!


Catch me making googly eyes at Lindsay’s engagement ring until the end of time!

THESE TULIPS. Amsterdam, is that you??

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