What a year. What an insane, perfect year. I still can hardly believe it’s over (seriously- where did the year go???) but am so filled with an almost gross amount of gratitude for each moment, especially because the vast majority of them were shared with incredible friends and family- including all of my couples who have become the top members of those lists. Let’s break it down!

In 2019, I…

Traveled to over 21 states and countries to photograph 52 couples for 23 weddings and elopements and 59 sessions.

Together, my couples and I leapt off of cliffs in Jamaica, peered off of cliffs in Yosemite, and walked alongside cliffs in Moab. We cried together as friends and family members departed this world and cherished the images we have of them. We laughed till we cried, got down LOWWW on the dance floor, sent each other GIFS, and obsessed over each other’s dogs- all while I shoved my camera in their faces and took a million images (7 TB of images, to be exact). In short, all of my very best moments were spent with the incredible people who hired me to come photograph them on their best day ever, and then became some of the biggest blessings and greatest friends I could ever ask for. *excuse the sap, I really love my couples*

It’s near-impossible to slim down the collective that 2019 was for a ‘best of’ blog post, and the agony of choosing just about does me in each year. For 2019’s recap, I just had too many images to choose between and decided to shake things up a bit! Below are the Best of 2019 Categories, covering everything from venue scenes to the most candid of moments, and dancefloor energy to my personal favorite shots of the year. If it were up to me, every image from 2019 would be up here- but in the meantime, enjoy this year in review. 






2019, you were perfect. All my couples, you were and are perfect. 

Thank you, forever, for allowing me to share in these memories with you.

Now 2020, LET’S DO THIS!



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