Cozette and Talmage, Motorcycle Engagements in Downtown Salt Lake City

These two hotties came to me with a vision for their engagements that not only they totally nailed, but I will be obsessed with for the rest of forever! The three of us hit the streets of downtown Salt Lake dressed to the nines (them, definitely not me- I think I had worn the same tshirt for two days straight that day) and joined by Talmage’s awesome motorcycle, which has the cutest part in these two’s love story! Cozette and Talmage never officially ‘met’- they have known each other since birth as their families are good friends! They grew up together (for my old-school T Swift fans, anyone else have her oldie song ‘Oh My My My’ playing in their heads right now?) and then fell in love. Talmage loves motorcycles and built his own motorcycle from scratch and named it-get this- Cozy, after Cozette. These two melted my heart- enjoy their perfect session! xx




I’d love to be a part of your story.


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