Hi there! I’m Nicole, the girl behind the camera. I am a 24 year old Utah native with a recently acquired & extremely handsome husband that I’m crazy in love with. Together, we love making air-pop popcorn (ours is the best, come watch a movie with us and see), trying to out-silly each other, and exploring around our state + beyond.

I love the mountains & driving up the canyons in the rain, most of my clothing is striped and navy or grey colored, and I’m obnoxiously obsessed with weird music. I have Crohn’s Disease, so any fellow Crohnies out there come say hey (and if you’re just curious what the heck that is come say hey anyways)! I love Friends re-runs, my favorite animal is a shark, and my food weaknesses are Costa Vida steak burritos (you can see me devouring one in the photo above) and any desserts that have salted caramel in them. I’m a little sarcastic and my favorite activity is laughing and joking with my couples while we run around together.

I discovered photography when my parents first thought to hand me a cheap little point-and-shoot camera for Christmas when I was in middle school, and from there I was hooked. For a few years I mostly drove my friends crazy by showing up to every activity with my camera in hand and posting every picture I took of them on Facebook, but then as a sophomore in high school I took one photography class that taught me the basics of DSLR’s and editing and have never looked back since. I’ve been photographing weddings for six years and I am forever in love with people, their stories, and the connections that bring you together. Documenting love is my greatest passion and I cannot wait to capture yours.





I am drawn to those couples that don’t just want a wedding photographer, but want to have a storyteller who can peek into their love and capture the moments you share together, and maybe even become one of their new best friends.

I am drawn to couples that are crazy obsessed with each other and want to document the moments that will make you look back and say ‘yeah, that’s why we’re together’.

I am drawn to couples who know how unique and beautiful their love is, and whether they have an off-the-beaten-path ceremony or a big, traditional wedding with a million of their close friends and family, they understand that who they are together and separately makes them wonderful and want to showcase that.

I’m drawn to couples that are excited about life and excited about each other, and I want to be there to watch you let loose and be yourselves while you share some of the greatest parts of life with the person you love.

I want us to mesh, and I want you to like me as much as I’m going to be obsessed with the two of you. We’ll probably make a good team if you’re ready to be a little crazy, get a little messy, and be a little vulnerable. If this sounds like the adventure for you, I am so excited and can’t wait to hear from you. Shoot me an email and let’s set up something amazing!